Aviation 2000 Degreaser, 13 oz.

  • Manufacturer: Techspray
  • Model # 2859-13S
  • Pemro # TSP-2080
  • $11.20 $ 9.90/each
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Minimum order quantity is 12

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Aviation 2000 Degreaser, 13 oz. aerosol

Quickly blast away encrusted dirt, carbonized oils, grease and Skydrol from aircraft engine housings, parts and avionic components. Can be used as an electronic contact and plug cleaner for non-energized equipment. Excellent wetting action lifts and removes soils from the tightest areas.

Specifications: Boeing BSS7432, Douglas CSD No.1

Features & Benefits
• Trigger allows for greater control of spray, providing a throttling action for better controlled cleaning
• Moderate evaporation for soak-in time
• Zero residue
• Low toxicity - does not contain n-propyl bromide
• Does not contains CFCs, HCFCs or chlorinated solvents
• Meets EU F-gas requirements
• 360° valve sprays upside-down
• Extension tube included for pin-point accuracy