VDX Dry Lubricant Spray, 10 oz. Aerosol

  • Manufacturer: MicroCare
  • Model # MCC-VDX
  • Pemro # MIC-1014
  • $23.15 $ 20.76/each
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VDX Dry Lubricant Spray, 10 oz. Aerosol Can

The VDX Dry Lubricant aerosol is a proprietary "microdispersion" dry-film PTFE lubricant packaged in an aerosol can. It delivers a high-quality coating with excellent lubricity that stays where it is sprayed ("non-migrating"). VDX is suited for use on metals, plastics, ceramics and other materials.

VDX delivers a pinpoint layer of lubricant across all surfaces — even vertical or curving shapes — without clumps, drips or runs. The thin, smooth and consistent dry film layer of lubricant saves money by enabling smoother, more consistent, ultra-low "break-away" forces and minimizing the well-documented "stiction" problems common in lowspeed, light load applications.

Extraordinary stability with minimal agitation. Easy, nonflammable handling, storage and use. No other equipment required. This low-aroma blend is ozone-safe, plastic-safe, nonflammable, nonconductive and essentially nontoxic. A non-nutritive environment inimicable to biologic growth. Non-migrating deposition; it stays where it is sprayed.

• Proprietary "microdispersion" for high-quality lubrication
• Pinpoint precision spray
• Non-migrating, not oily or greasy
• Ultra-smooth coating, without clumps, drips or runs
• Nonflammable for easy handling, storage and use
• StatZap™ compatible, Not Trigger Grip™ Compatible