Uncured Epoxy Cleaner, 1 Gal. Minipail ExPoxy™

  • Manufacturer: MicroCare
  • Model # MCC-EPXG
  • Pemro # MIC-1030
  • $187.00 $ 168.06/each
  • Available to Order

Uncured Epoxy Cleaner- ExPoxy™, 1 Gallon Minipail

The Uncured Epoxy Cleaner- ExPoxy™ Remover is a powerful surface cleaner designed to dissolve and remove uncured chip bonder glues. It replaces acetone, tolulene and other old-style solvents.

The Uncured Epoxy Cleaner- ExPoxy™ Remover cleans solder paste in automatic stencil printers and cleaning misprinted boards. Based on unique aliphatic hydrocarbons, ExPoxy™ Remover works well on leaded and lead-free fluxes and pastes, water-soluble pastes and even "no-clean" products. A slower-drying liquid, it gives techs more tack time yet it is 100% volatile, so it dries without residues.

This formulation has been tested and accepted by DEK, EKRA, MPM, and Panasonic for use as a stencil-paper wetting fluid inside their stencil printers.

• Removes uncured epoxy, cured chip bonder, grease, solder paste, light oils, and some inks
• Replaces acetone, toluene and other old-style solvents
• Dissolves both organic and inorganic deposits, some acrylic
• Slower-drying liquid
• Leaves no residues
• Non-corrosive
• ESD Safe
• Plastic-safe