Dual Output Soldering & Rework System Tweezer Hand-piece

  • Manufacturer: Metcal
  • Model # MFR-2240
  • Pemro # MTC-2640
  • $727.00 $ 722.59/each
  • Available to Order

Like the MFR-1100 Series, the MFR-2200 offers the same choice of multiple hand-pieces with two ports. Flexibility can be increased by locking both systems together. The MFR-2240 includes a Tweezer Hand-piece for the rework of SMD components with fine dimension to large blade geometries.

Features & Benefits
• SmartHeat® Technology provides exceptional power for high thermal demand applications
• Single or Dual simultaneous outputs allow for single or dual hand-piece use
• Four hand-pieces available for increased application solutions for soldering and rework on one system
• Each hand-piece has a comprehensive range of cartridges or tips for maximum flexibility
• Hand-pieces are ergonomic for operator safety and comfort

Product Comprises of:
MFR-H4-TW : Hand-piece, Tweezers Cartridge
MFR-PS2200 : Power Supply, Dual Simultaneous Output
MFR-WSPT : Workstand for Tweezers Hand-piece

Note: No tip/cartridge included.

Tips / Cartridges Series compatible with this system:
• TxP Tweezer Cartridges