NP505-HR Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5 Solder Paste 500g Jar, No-Clean, Metal % = 88.5%, Powder Type = T4, Lead Free

  • Manufacturer: Kester
  • Category: Solder Paste
  • Model # 70-4021-1410 (7040211410)
  • Pemro # KES-1883
  • $ 108.31/each
  • Available to Order

Minimum order quantity is 10

Must order in multiples of 10

Kester NP505-HR is a zero-halogen, lead-free, no-clean solder paste formula developed specifically for high reliability applications. NP505-HR has been formulated to have reliable residues even in harsh damp cycling SIR testing. NP505-HR can handle a wide variety of printer variables, including print speed and long idle times with a wide range of temperatures and humidities. NP505-HR is fully capable of printing and reflowing 01005 components in air reflow with minimal graping behavior. Post-soldering, NP505-HR offers minimized defects, including head-in-pillow and QFN/BGA voiding. This paste is zero-halogen, exceeding the IPC definition for halogen-free. NP505-HR is classified as ROL0 per IPC J-STD-004B. NP505-HR is part of Kester’s high reliability product line and compatible with no-clean RF550 Rework Flux, NF372-TB Solder Flux and SELECT-10™ Selective Soldering Flux.

Performance Characteristics:
• Zero-Halogen (none intentionally added)
• Reliable residues in harsh SIR testing with forced condensation points
• Reflowable in air and nitrogen
• Consistent print performance to 0.55AR (SAC 305) and 0.57AR (Innolot)
• Low QFN/BGA voiding
• Excellent solderability across wide variety of profiles
• Compatible with most conformal coating materials