Foil Refill Pack of Isopropyl 99% Wipes Priced per case of 12

  • Manufacturer: JNJ Industries
  • Model # FR100IPA-12
  • Pemro # JNJ-1087
  • $ 360.15/each
  • In stock

Foil Refill pack of 99% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes, 100 ct., 6" x 9".
Priced and sold per case of 12 packs

A universal cleaner and disinfectant with deionized water, GlobalTech® Isopropyl Alcohol and DI Water formulation removes most types of inks, solder pastes, flux, light oils and contaminants associated with soldering, fluxes, printing and most industrial cleaning applications. The wipes are the most popular wipe used in the pc board assembly industry (SMT). Safe for use on most surfaces, it also a great product for disinfecting hard surfaces.