ESD Soft Foot Floor Mat

Soft Foot Rubber Mat with Ground, 2' x 3' 1/2"

Conductive Soft Foot floor mats and runners are designed to add comfort to hard surfaces. These slip and soil resistant mats are 1/2” thick. They exceed both EOS/ESD and Department of Defense requirements. Available in runners, and pre-cut floor mats with molded edges and grounding hardware.


Available in black with or without molded yellow border
Domed surface for added comfort
Reduces stress on joints and the discomfort from standing
Tapered edge
Non-slip design
Reduces strain
Easy to clean
Long lasting
Non-skid backing


All pre-cut mats come with attached snap and one B9701 floor mat ground. B9701 when properly setup will provide a grounded area for use with heel and toe grounds. For grounding rolls please see hardware (each mat will need a snap and ground to be effective).


Durable 1/2″ thick conductive vulcanized rubber


Meets Standards:
Fed Std 101 Method 4046


Top layer <106
RTT (Resistance Top to Top) 103-106 Ohms
Resistance to Ground 103-<106 Ohms


Physical Properties

Tensile Strength/Mpa  6.25
Elongation @ Break%  425
Hardness    55-66
Specific Gravity   1.32
Tear Strength  53.73