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4" Flush Oval Head Cutter with Green Cus

Xcelite MS54JN/Pemro # XCE-1006

$34.30 $33.32/ea

Available to Order

5-13/16" Light Duty Precision Knife

Xcelite XN100/Pemro # XCE-1075

$4.20 $4.07/ea

In stock

Fine Pointed Blades / Pack of 5

Xcelite XNB103/Pemro # XCE-1077

$3.50 $3.39/ea

In stock

5 3/4" Medium Duty Precision Knife

Xcelite XN200/Pemro # XCE-1076

$6.30 $6.11/ea

In stock

5 7/16" Heavy Duty Precision Knife

Xcelite XN210/Pemro # XCE-1827

$7.20 $6.99/ea

In stock

Pointed Blades/Close Corner Cuts,PK5

Xcelite XNB205/Pemro # XCE-1079

$3.60 $3.49/ea

In stock

2-Piece Light and Medium-duty Knife Set

Xcelite XNS100/Pemro # XCE-1838

$16.70 $16.23/ea

Available to Order

Electrician’s Knife, Carded

Xcelite K22V/Pemro # XCE-1554

$38.20 $37.11/ea

Available to Order

5 5/8" Precision Carving Knife

Xcelite XN300/Pemro # XCE-1828

$12.40 $12.04/ea

Available to Order

Standard Blade for Cutting

Xcelite XNB101/Pemro # XCE-1829

$5.30 $5.14/ea

Available to Order

Fine Pointed Blade for Most Detailed Cut

Xcelite XNB103B/Pemro # XCE-1830

$47.00 $45.68/ea

Available to Order

Stencil Blades for Scoring and Etching a

Xcelite XNB105/Pemro # XCE-1831

$3.50 $3.39/ea

Available to Order

General Purpose Blade for Most Cutting R

Xcelite XNB203/Pemro # XCE-1833

$5.80 $5.63/ea

Available to Order

5" Oval Head Diagonal Semi-flush Cutter

New Part Number: TS55NKS

Xcelite S54SNN (TS55NKS)/Pemro # XCE-1906

$31.50 $30.61/ea

Available to Order

5 13/16" Light Duty Precision Knife

Xcelite XN100B/Pemro # XCE-1962

$4.00 $3.89/ea

Available to Order


Xcelite XPMB8/Pemro # XCE-1987

$38.70 $37.61/ea

Available to Order

5" Oval Head Diagonal Cutter

New Part Number: TS55NS

Xcelite S55SNN (TS55NS)/Pemro # XCE-1904

$32.80 $31.87/ea

Available to Order