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Wrist Strap with 6' Cord

SCS ECWS61M-1/Pemro # SCC-1054

$6.90 $6.82/ea

In stock

Wrist Strap Bench Ground

Botron B9743/Pemro # BOT-1108

$10.96 $10.73/ea

Available to Order

Wrist Strap w/ 12' Cord

Botron B9028/Pemro # BOT-1002

$9.65 $9.44/ea

Available to Order

Wrist Strap Set, 6' Black Coil, 4mm Snap

Transforming Technologies WB1637/Pemro # TRT-1255


In stock

Wrist Strap Grounding Cord- 5' Dual Wire

SCS 2360/Pemro # MMM-1031

$31.52 $31.16/ea

In stock

Wrist Strap w/6' Cord

Botron B9008/Pemro # BOT-1001

$7.29 $7.14/ea

Available to Order

Replacement Wrist Band Only

Botron B9038/Pemro # BOT-1003

$1.45 $1.42/ea

Available to Order

Low Profile Common Point Ground

Botron B9703/Pemro # BOT-1086

$7.06 $6.90/ea

Available to Order

Wrist Strap, Elastic, Adjustable, 12'

Desco 09069/Pemro # DES-1080

$23.66 $23.52/ea

Available to Order

Hook & Loop Wrist Strap, Blue - 6' Cord

Botron B9268/Pemro # BOT-1083

$8.20 $8.03/ea

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