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Varitemp Heat Gun, 1,000°F Max, 120V

Master Appliance VT-750C/Pemro # MAP-1005


Proheat Dual Temperature Heat Gun

Master Appliance PH-1100/Pemro # MAP-1007


Proheat Varitemp Heat Gun

Master Appliance PH-1200/Pemro # MAP-1009


Master-Mite Heat Shrink System - 650°F

Master Appliance 10008/Pemro # MAP-1013


Refillable Butane Fuel Cell for MT-11

Master Appliance RC-31/Pemro # MAP-1019


Shrink Tubing Attachment Up To 3/4" O.D.

Master Appliance A-160-HG/Pemro # MAP-1022


Steinel SV 803 K (Heat Gun Kit)

Steinel 34104/Pemro # STE-1003

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250 Watts Electric Industrial Heat Gun

Weller 6966C/Pemro # WEL-1350


Attachment, 3" Spreader

Master Appliance 35016/Pemro # MAP-1033


HL 1810 S (Discont'd - See STE-1391)

Steinel 34820/Pemro # STE-1004

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HL2010E Heat Gun w/ Auto Kit & Case

Steinel 34853/Pemro # STE-1027

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ThermaSolder Soldering Iron Kit Butane

Steinel 72601/Pemro # STE-1051

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Steinel 72551

Steinel 72551/Pemro # STE-1056

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Steinel 72600

Steinel 72600/Pemro # STE-1079

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General Purpose Heat Gun, 1400W

Steinel 34103/Pemro # STE-1082

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Steinel 73310

Steinel 73310/Pemro # STE-1097

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Steinel 71175

Steinel 71175/Pemro # STE-1099

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Steinel 34100

Steinel 34100/Pemro # STE-1106

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Steinel 71100

Steinel 71100/Pemro # STE-1157

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9mm Reduction Nozzle

Steinel 07062/Pemro # STE-1163

$15.20See price in cart

14mm Reduction Nozzle

Steinel 07071/Pemro # STE-1164

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Varitemp Heat Gun, 750°F Max, 220V

Master Appliance VT-752C/Pemro # MAP-1006


Proheat Varitemp Heat Shrink System

Master Appliance PH-1200-1/Pemro # MAP-1011


Steinel 35012

Steinel 35012/Pemro # STE-1016

$545.90See price in cart

Steinel 35011

Steinel 35011/Pemro # STE-1017

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Steinel 34874

Steinel 34874/Pemro # STE-1020

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HL2010E Heat Gun/Multi-Purpose Kit &Case

Steinel 34856/Pemro # STE-1022

$354.30See price in cart

Steinel 34836

Steinel 34836/Pemro # STE-1026

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HL2010E Heat Gun/Plastic Weld Kit & Case

Steinel 34854/Pemro # STE-1028

$329.60See price in cart

Steinel 34832

Steinel 34832/Pemro # STE-1030

$292.50See price in cart

Steinel 34822

Steinel 34822/Pemro # STE-1035

$190.50See price in cart

Steinel 34810

Steinel 34810/Pemro # STE-1048

$124.60See price in cart

Steinel 72550

Steinel 72550/Pemro # STE-1086

$65.90See price in cart

Steinel 71270

Steinel 71270/Pemro # STE-1093

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Steinel 71151

Steinel 71151/Pemro # STE-1135

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Ultratane Butane, 15/16 oz, 26 Gram

Master Appliance 10448/Pemro # MAP-1021

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Attachment, 7/8" Reducer

Master Appliance 51544/Pemro # MAP-1031


Attachment, 1-3/8" Shrink Tubing

Master Appliance 35017/Pemro # MAP-1032


Master Heat Gun, 750° - 1,000°F, 120V

Master Appliance HG-751B/Pemro # MAP-1004


Microtorch, Palm Sized

Master Appliance MT-11/Pemro # MAP-1016


Heat Shrink Attachment, Up To 1" O.D.

Master Appliance 40060/Pemro # MAP-1042


Master Heat Gun, 300° - 500°F, 120V

Master Appliance HG-301A/Pemro # MAP-1002


Master Heat Gun, 500° - 750°F, 120V

Master Appliance HG-501A/Pemro # MAP-1003


Microtorch Kit

Master Appliance MT-11K/Pemro # MAP-1017


Microtorch, Table Top With Plastic Tank

Master Appliance MT-51/Pemro # MAP-1018


Shrink Tubing Attachment 3/4" to 2" O.D.

Master Appliance A-170-HG/Pemro # MAP-1023


Attachment, 3/8" Pinpoint

Master Appliance 51309/Pemro # MAP-1028


Attachment, 2-1/4" Spreader

Master Appliance 51543/Pemro # MAP-1030


Steinel 07403

Steinel 07403/Pemro # STE-1006

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Steinel 01410

Steinel 01410/Pemro # STE-1114

$39.10See price in cart

Steinel 07061

Steinel 07061/Pemro # STE-1142

$25.70See price in cart

Steinel 01250

Steinel 01250/Pemro # STE-1147

$21.60See price in cart

Steinel 07021

Steinel 07021/Pemro # STE-1159

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Master Heat Gun, 200° - 300°F, 120V

Master Appliance HG-201A/Pemro # MAP-1001


Master-Mite Heat Shrink System - 650°F

Master Appliance 10009/Pemro # MAP-1014


Attachment, Solder Preform

Master Appliance 30202/Pemro # MAP-1025


Attachment, Glass Protector

Master Appliance 51542/Pemro # MAP-1029


Attachment, 1/4" Pinpoint

Master Appliance 40061/Pemro # MAP-1043


Steinel 40097

Steinel 40097/Pemro # STE-1103

$50.50See price in cart

Steinel 07471

Steinel 07471/Pemro # STE-1143

$25.70See price in cart

Steinel 07301

Steinel 07301/Pemro # STE-1148

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Reflector Nozzle

Steinel 07461/Pemro # STE-1153

$17.50See price in cart

Steinel 07031

Steinel 07031/Pemro # STE-1160

$15.20See price in cart

Steinel 07081

Steinel 07081/Pemro # STE-1165

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Molded Plastic Storage Case (All Models)

Master Appliance 51013/Pemro # MAP-1026


Steinel 07091

Steinel 07091/Pemro # STE-1150

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Attachment, Solder Preform

Master Appliance 30201/Pemro # MAP-1041


Steinel 09037

Steinel 09037/Pemro # STE-1128

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Steinel 07101

Steinel 07101/Pemro # STE-1166

$15.20See price in cart

Steinel 07201

Steinel 07201/Pemro # STE-1167

$15.20See price in cart

Bench Stand

Master Appliance 35216/Pemro # MAP-1038


HG2510 ESD Heat Gun w/ LCD Display Kit

Steinel 34891/Pemro # STE-1024

$343.00See price in cart

Steinel 34871

Steinel 34871/Pemro # STE-1025

$329.60See price in cart

HG2000E Heat Gun, (Disc't-See STE-1379)

Steinel 34261/Pemro # STE-1034

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Steinel 07531

Steinel 07531/Pemro # STE-1068

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Steinel 09211

Steinel 09211/Pemro # STE-1089

$63.90See price in cart

Steinel 09221

Steinel 09221/Pemro # STE-1095

$59.70See price in cart

Steinel 09231

Steinel 09231/Pemro # STE-1096

$59.70See price in cart

Steinel 09201

Steinel 09201/Pemro # STE-1102

$54.10See price in cart

Steinel 72023

Steinel 72023/Pemro # STE-1179

$11.80See price in cart

Steinel 72024

Steinel 72024/Pemro # STE-1180

$11.80See price in cart

Steinel 07121

Steinel 07121/Pemro # STE-1204

$8.90See price in cart

Steinel 07311

Steinel 07311/Pemro # STE-1205

$8.90See price in cart

Steinel 07421

Steinel 07421/Pemro # STE-1208

$8.90See price in cart

Steinel 04031

Steinel 04031/Pemro # STE-1256

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Precision Heat Gun, ESD, 300W, 750ºF

Steinel 34735/Pemro # STE-1257

$185.40See price in cart

Steinel 07745

Steinel 07745/Pemro # STE-1311

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Steinel 07755

Steinel 07755/Pemro # STE-1312

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Switch for Single Heat Model 7200

Weller 7323W/Pemro # WEL-1366


Switch for Dual Heat Model 8200, D550 an

Weller 7324/Pemro # WEL-1367


Bench Stand (Standard)

Master Appliance 50675/Pemro # MAP-1044


Proheat Dual Temperature Heat Gun

Master Appliance PH-1100K/Pemro # MAP-1087


Steinel 35023

Steinel 35023/Pemro # STE-1013

$885.80See price in cart

HL2010E Heat Gun with Case Only

Steinel 34851/Pemro # STE-1029

$305.90See price in cart

Steinel 04003

Steinel 04003/Pemro # STE-1032

$231.70See price in cart

Steinel 34821

Steinel 34821/Pemro # STE-1036

$177.20See price in cart

Steinel 34811

Steinel 34811/Pemro # STE-1041

$150.40See price in cart

Steinel 09311

Steinel 09311/Pemro # STE-1072

$88.10See price in cart

Steinel 72501

Steinel 72501/Pemro # STE-1088

$63.90See price in cart

Steinel 09241

Steinel 09241/Pemro # STE-1090

$63.90See price in cart