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Kitting Tray - 10-1/2" x 8-3/4" x 1-1/2"

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 13030/Pemro # CCI-1068


Kitting Tray - 14" x 10" x 1-3/4"

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 13040/Pemro # CCI-1069


Kitting Tray - 16-1/4" x 10-1/2" x 2"

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 13060/Pemro # CCI-1071


Akro-Mils 30220ESD (ESD Bin)

Akro-Mils 30220ESD/Pemro # AKR-1001

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Akro-Mils 30210ESD (ESD Bin)

Akro-Mils 30210ESD/Pemro # AKR-1002

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Akro-Mils 30230ESD (ESD Bin)

Akro-Mils 30230ESD/Pemro # AKR-1027

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Kitting Tray - 14" x 10" x 1-3/4"

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 13050/Pemro # CCI-1070


Akro-Mils 30235ESD (ESD Bin)

Akro-Mils 30235ESD/Pemro # AKR-1028

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Akro-Mils 30240ESD (ESD Bin) *Outside Dims: 14.75"L x 8.25"W x 7"H

Akro-Mils 30240ESD/Pemro # AKR-1029

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18" x 4" x 9" Reel/Dip Tube Bin

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 1849/Pemro # CCI-1001


18" x 2" x 9" Reel/Dip Tube Bin

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 1829/Pemro # CCI-1002


Conductive Stackable Bins

Quantum Storage QUS200CON (QUS200CO)/Pemro # QUS-5384


Conductive Stackable Bins

Quantum Storage QUS210CON (QUS210CO)/Pemro # QUS-1114


Black Conductive Stackable Bin

Quantum Storage QUS220CON (QUS220CO)/Pemro # QUS-1115


Quantum QUS235CON (Cond Stackable Bin)

Quantum Storage QUS235CON (QUS235CO)/Pemro # QUS-1118


24" x 2" x 9" Reel/Dip Tube Bin

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 2429/Pemro # CCI-1003


24" x 4" x 9" Reel/Dip Tube Bin

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 2449/Pemro # CCI-1004


Kitting Tray Cover for 1303 and 13035

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 13031/Pemro # CCI-1072


Kitting Tray Cover for 13060

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 13061/Pemro # CCI-1075


Black Conductive Stackable Bin

Quantum Storage QUS230CON (QUS230CO)/Pemro # QUS-1116


Quantum QUS239CON (Cond Stackable Bin)

Quantum Storage QUS239CON (QUS239CO)/Pemro # QUS-1119


ESD Storage Bin *Outside Dims: 14.75"L x 8.25"W x 7"H *Priced each, sold in multiples of 12

Quantum Storage QUS240CON (QUS239CO)/Pemro # QUS-1120


Quantum QUS250CON (Cond Stackable Bin)

Quantum Storage QUS250CON (QUS250CO)/Pemro # QUS-1121


Quantum QUS255CON (Cond Stackable Bin)

Quantum Storage QUS255CON (QUS255CO)/Pemro # QUS-1122


Quantum QUS260CON (Cond Stackable Bin)

Quantum Storage QUS260CON (QUS260CO)/Pemro # QUS-1123


Quantum QUS270CON (Cond Stackable Bin)

Quantum Storage QUS270CON (QUS270CO)/Pemro # QUS-1124


Protektive Pak 37750 Tek-Tray, SBH-100, 18 X 11-3/8 X 1-3/4

Protektive Pak 37750/Pemro # PPK-1476


Quantum COV93000CO (Conductive Cover)

Quantum Storage COV93000CO/Pemro # QUS-1013


Black Conductive Divider for QUS220CON

Quantum Storage DUS220CON (DUS220CO)/Pemro # QUS-1127


Quantum COV92000CO (Conductive Cover)

Quantum Storage COV92000CO/Pemro # QUS-1154


Kitting Tray Cover for 13040

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 13041/Pemro # CCI-1073


Protektive Pak 37751 Tek-Tray, SBH-200, 22-7/8 X 17-1/4 X 2-3/4

Protektive Pak 37751/Pemro # PPK-1477


Protektive Pak 37762 Super Tek-Trays SBH-100C 18 X 11-3/8 X 1-3/4

Protektive Pak 37762/Pemro # PPK-1480


Protektive Pak 38900 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS301 , 12 X 2 X 4

Protektive Pak 38900/Pemro # PPK-1548


Protektive Pak 38901 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS302 ,12 X 4 X 4

Protektive Pak 38901/Pemro # PPK-1549


Protektive Pak 38902 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS303 ,12 X 6 X 4

Protektive Pak 38902/Pemro # PPK-1550


Protektive Pak 38903 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS304 ,12 X 8 X 4

Protektive Pak 38903/Pemro # PPK-1551


Protektive Pak 38904 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS306 , 18 X 4 X 4

Protektive Pak 38904/Pemro # PPK-1552


Protektive Pak 38905 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS307 , 18 X 6 X 4

Protektive Pak 38905/Pemro # PPK-1553


Protektive Pak 38906 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS308 , 18 X 8 X 4

Protektive Pak 38906/Pemro # PPK-1554


Protektive Pak 38907 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS310 , 24 X 4 X 4

Protektive Pak 38907/Pemro # PPK-1555


Protektive Pak 38908 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS311 , 24 X 6 X 4

Protektive Pak 38908/Pemro # PPK-1556


Protektive Pak 38909 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS316 ,18 X 2 X 4

Protektive Pak 38909/Pemro # PPK-1557


Protektive Pak 38910 Bin Box, Open, Plastek, CPS322 24 X 2 X 4

Protektive Pak 38910/Pemro # PPK-1558


Quantum LBL2X8CON (Snap-On Card Hldr)

Quantum Storage LBL2X8CON (LBL2X8CO)/Pemro # QUS-1014


Quantum LBL3X5CON (Snap-On Card Hldr)

Quantum Storage LBL3X5CON (LBL3X5CO)/Pemro # QUS-1015


Quantum LBL5X8CON (Snap-On Card Hldr)

Quantum Storage LBL5X8CON (LBL5X8CO)/Pemro # QUS-1016


Quantum DS93080CON (Cond Short Divider)

Quantum Storage DS93080CON (DS93080CO)/Pemro # QUS-1011


Kitting Tray Cover for 13050

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 13051/Pemro # CCI-1074


ESD Safe Open Bin - 24" x 4" x 4-1/2"

Conduct. Cont. (CCI) 1159/Pemro # CCI-1078


Protektive Pak 37563 Reel Holder, 7 Inch, 15 Slots

Protektive Pak 37563/Pemro # PPK-1406


Protektive Pak 37564 Reel Holder, 13 Inch, 15 Slots

Protektive Pak 37564/Pemro # PPK-1407


Quantum DL93060CON (Cond Long Divider)

Quantum Storage DL93060CON (DL93060CO)/Pemro # QUS-1006


Quantum DL93080CON (Cond Long Divider)

Quantum Storage DL93080CON (DL93080CO)/Pemro # QUS-1007


Quantum DS93060CON (Cond Short Divider)

Quantum Storage DS93060CON (DS93060CO)/Pemro # QUS-1010


Quantum DL91035CON (Cond Long Divider)

Quantum Storage DL91035CON (DL91035CO)/Pemro # QUS-1143


Quantum DL92080CON (Cond Long Divider)

Quantum Storage DL92080CON (DL92080CO)/Pemro # QUS-1147


Quantum DS91035CON (Cond Short Divider)

Quantum Storage DS91035CON (DS91035CO)/Pemro # QUS-1148


Quantum DS92080CON (Cond Short Divider)

Quantum Storage DS92080CON (DS92080CO)/Pemro # QUS-1152


Kitting Tray

Protektive Pak 39206/Pemro # PPK-2017


Kitting Tray

Protektive Pak 39209/Pemro # PPK-2020


Lid for 39207 & 39208 - 5 3/4" x 7 1/2"

Protektive Pak 39211/Pemro # PPK-2022


LID FOR 39209 AND 39210, 7" x 9-5/16"

Protektive Pak 39212/Pemro # PPK-2023


Quantum DL93030CON (Cond Long Divider)

Quantum Storage DL93030CON (DL93030CO)/Pemro # QUS-1005


Quantum DL93120CON (Cond Long Divider)

Quantum Storage DL93120CON (DL93120CO)/Pemro # QUS-1008


Quantum DS93030CON (Cond Short Divider)

Quantum Storage DS93030CON (DS93030CO)/Pemro # QUS-1009


Quantum DS93120CON (Cond Short Divider)

Quantum Storage DS93120CON (DS93120CO)/Pemro # QUS-1012


Quantum DUS210CON (Conductive Divider)

Quantum Storage DUS210CON (DUS210CO)/Pemro # QUS-1126


Black Conductive Divider for QUS230CON

Quantum Storage DUS230CON (DUS230CO)/Pemro # QUS-1128


Quantum DUS235CON (Conductive Divider)

Quantum Storage DUS235CON (DUS235CO)/Pemro # QUS-1130


Quantum DUS239CON (Conductive Divider)

Quantum Storage DUS239CON (DUS239CO)/Pemro # QUS-1131


Quantum DUS240CON (Conductive Divider)

Quantum Storage DUS240CON (DUS240CO)/Pemro # QUS-1132


Quantum DUS250CON (Conductive Divider)

Quantum Storage DUS250CON (DUS250CO)/Pemro # QUS-1133


Quantum DUS255CON (Conductive Divider)

Quantum Storage DUS255CON (DUS255CO)/Pemro # QUS-1134


Quantum DUS260CON (Conductive Divider)

Quantum Storage DUS260CON (DUS260CO)/Pemro # QUS-1135


Quantum DUS270CON (Conductive Divider)

Quantum Storage DUS270CON (DUS270)/Pemro # QUS-1136


Quantum DL91050CON (Cond Long Divider)

Quantum Storage DL91050CON (DL91050CO)/Pemro # QUS-1144


Quantum DL92035CON (Cond Long Divider)

Quantum Storage DL92035CON (DL92035CO)/Pemro # QUS-1145


Quantum DL92060CO (Cond Long Divider)

Quantum Storage DL92060CO/Pemro # QUS-1146


Quantum DS91050CON (Cond Short Divider)

Quantum Storage DS91050CON (DS91050CO)/Pemro # QUS-1149


Quantum DS92035CON (Cond Short Divider)

Quantum Storage DS92035CON (DS92035CO)/Pemro # QUS-1150


Quantum DS92060CO (Cond Short Divider)

Quantum Storage DS92060CO/Pemro # QUS-1151