0.25" x 36yds, B1L Polyimide Tape

  • Manufacturer: TPC Tapes
  • Category: Polyimide Tape
  • Model # B1L-1/4"
  • Pemro # TPC-1004
  • $ 9.34/each
  • Available to Order

0.25" x 36yds Polyimide Tape
Low Static Polyimide Film, Silicone, 2.6 mil, B-L Series

Low Static Polyimide Tape BL-Series is a thin polyimide film single coated with silicone adhesive and specially treated for low static performance.

• Low static discharge
• High temperature masking
• Thin and conformable for masking uneven surfaces
• Removes cleanly without adhesive residue after exposure to heat and chemicals

High Temperature Tapes/Color: Amber
Tape Structure (Backing/Adhesive): low static polyimide film/silicone
Backing Thickness mils (mm): 1.0 mil
Total Thickness mils (mm): 2.6 mil
Tensile Strength lbs./in. (N/100 mm): 32 lb/in
Elongation at Break %: 60%
Temperature Range °F (°C): 40°F to 365°F