Rotary Slip Type Torque Screwdriver

  • Manufacturer: Tohnichi
  • Model # RTDLS500CN
  • Pemro # TON-4157
  • $496.00 $ 431.30/each
  • Available to Order

RTDLS Rotary Slip Type Torque Screwdriver with Limit Switch

• S.I. Model
• RTD style with limit switch output
• Ideal for torque verification (Pokayoke) assembly process
• As part of a torque verification system the screwdriver sends out signal for each completed click by limit switch and cable
• Special internal structure prevents the cord from intertwining
• Can be connected to CNA-4mk2 (count checker) to create tightening count management system.
• Establish interlock system at assembly line by connecting the signals from limit switch to extend devices such as PLC

Torque Range Min.-Max.[cN.m]: 100-500
Torque Range Grad.: 5
Overall Length [mm]: 212
Weight [g]: 540

Accuracy ±3%