TC-533 Solder Mask - 1 Gallon

  • Manufacturer: Techspray
  • Category: Solder Mask
  • Model # 53-4003-0533
  • Pemro # TSP-1968
  • $194.02 $ 148.23/each
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Techform TC-533 Peelable Solder Mask, one gallon

Kester TC-533 is a high-temperature flexible solder masking compound specially formulated of natural latex rubber. The latex has been chemically enhanced so that it is heat stable and tacky enough to be applied to those areas of circuit boards, which require masking during a wave soldering process. Kester TC-533 effectively masks and protects the board from the time it is manufactured, through all assembly and flow operations. Kester TC-533 can remain on the protected areas of the board until ready for test, and then, with only a mild pulling action by hand or tweezer-like tools, can be easily peeled away without leaving a residue. Kester TC-533 prevents solder from flowing into contacts, terminals, screw heads and plated through holes.

Use of TC-533 is not recommended on bare copper as it contains ammonia which will cause discoloration of the copper.

Features & Benefits
Easily applied
Will not tarnish gold or phosphor bronze
Protects delicate components
Prevents contamination