Turbo-Coat Thinner, 1 Pint

Minimum order quantity is 2

Must order in multiples of 2

Turbo-Coat Thinner, 1 pint

Turbo-Coat Thinner is available to reduce the viscosity to fit ideal process parameters. Turbo-Coat, Turbo-Coat HV, and Turbo-Coat Thinner are all HAPs (Hazardous Air Polutants) free, so do not contain common coating solvents like Toluene, Xylene, and MEK. This makes these coating more user friendly and safe.

Features & Benefits
• Compatible with All Turbo-Coat Coatings
• MEK, Toluene & Xylene Free
• Low Toxicity
• Also Used as Stripper & Nozzle Cleaner