ESD No-Clean Brown #5 Braid 25' Length, .130" Width

  • Manufacturer: Techspray
  • Model # 1824-25F
  • Pemro # TSP-1750
  • $27.15 $ 23.97/each
  • Available to Order

No-Clean Brown #5 Braid; Desoldering Braid, Anti-Static
Length = 25 feet
Width = .130 inches, 3.3mm

Techspray No­Clean wick does not leave behind ionic flux residues that can collect and form branches called “dendrites”. Other fluxes, if not cleaned properly, can cause dendrites that grow over time and eventually cause short circuits between traces or leads. Latent failures lead to costly returns and lower the quality perception of your products. Effective on both lead and lead-free solders.

Features & Benefits
No-clean flux coated braid
Effective on both lead and lead-free solders
Cleanest wick -- clear, non-reactive residues
Will not leave ionic residue -- avoid dendrite failure
Exceeds MIL-F-14256, Type
Anti-static spool