G3 Industrial Cleaner - 20 oz. Aerosol

Minimum order quantity is 12

Must order in multiples of 12

G3® Industrial Maintenance Cleaner, 20oz. Aerosol

Maintenance cleaners clean oil and contaminants off of metal parts, printed circuit boards, barcode instruments, switch boxes, gear boxes, and engines. Techspray has produced Blue Shower® maintenance cleaners for over 30 years, making Blue Shower a staple in maintenance departments all over the world! G3 Industrial Cleaner is perfect for all types of degreasing, metal cleaning, contact cleaning, and other maintenance cleaning. Quickly blasts off oils, greases, silicones, dirt and grime. This patented cleaner is much safer than the three most common non-flammable industrial solvents: TCE, nPB, and Perc.

Features & Benefits
Powerful cleaner
Non-flammable aerosol
Non-ozone depleting
Safe on electronics
Rapid evaporation
Zero residue
Safe on most plastics
EPA SNAP approved