Eco-Stencil RF Batch Stencil Cleaner 1 Gallon

  • Manufacturer: Techspray
  • Model # 1571-G
  • Pemro # TSP-1977
  • $185.45 $ 184.27/each
  • Available to Order

Eco-Stencil RF Batch Stencil Cleaner, One Gallon

Eco-Stencil RF is an effective non-flammable drop-in replacement for isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and other solvents commonly used in rinse-free batch stencil cleaning systems. Unique solvent and DI water blend is effective at removing a wide variety of pastes and adhesives. Higher concentration can be used for more difficult pastes and adhesives.

Eco-Stencil RF does not contain ionics, and will not leave contaminates that will change downstream process windows or lead to board failures. It can also be used as a manual and under-stencil cleaner.

Features & Benefits
Drop in replacement for IPA
Highly concentrated – down to 20% dilution
For use in batch stencil cleaners without a rinse
Cleans paste or uncured adhesive quickly
Effective on all solder pastes: lead, lead-free, aqueous, RMA & no-clean
Safe for stencils, misprinted boards & cleaning equipment
Compatible with DEK Nano-ProTek coating