ESD Jacket, White - 3XL

  • Manufacturer: Tech Wear
  • Model # LEQ-13-3XL
  • Pemro # TCW-1015
  • $ 43.48/each
  • Available to Order

Econo$hield garments with lapel-style collars, set-in sleeves and standard 3-pocket configuration.

Collar: traditional, lapel-style

Material: ECX-500 medium-weight fabric

Style: mid-thigh length 3/4 garment

Color: white

Pockets: 3

Size: 3XL

The Econo$hield is a non-groundable static shield and is intended for less-sensitive applications.  It typically meets the conductivity standards outlined in the ESD Association's STM2.1-1997, but is not covered by the manufacturer's 2-year/100-wash guarantee.

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