Bonkote® America Point Soldering Machine

Bonkote® America TOP-375 Point Soldering Machine; Features Rework in PB free Solder. (for Dipped Parts), CPU digital circuit for temperature control, switching power supply Safe and easy nozzle replacement. (Old nozzle can also be used); Solder-flow stand-by mode substantially reduces soldering tact time (Top-375, Top-375SP); Free power supply (AC 100, 115 & 230V). Easy voltage change on terminal board; Solder bath and heater are made from SUS 316. (corrode resist); Original N2 SPRAY NOZZLE. (Option) The large fender allows used of big nozzle, simple and easy maintenance and cleaning; Separate type which resist high temperature. (Top-375SPH)

Trade Name: Bonkote® America
ESD Safe :Yes
Voltage: 115
Watts: 970