6.5 Trinocular Microscope 45° Eyetube inclination; 16" Tall Ball Bearing Base; No Light

  • Manufacturer: O.C. White
  • Model # TKPZT
  • Pemro # OCW-2021
  • $4,386.00 $ 4,061.11/each
  • Available to Order (Ships in 1-2 days)

ProZoom® 6.5 Trinocular Microscope with Exclusive Detented Zoom Stops; Super-Wide (28mm) 10X Eyepieces; ESD Safe Standard; Standard Range 5-65x (up to 390X with optional parts); .3x CCD Adapter; 5MP Ultra-Cam™ II Hybrid HDMI/USB Digital Camera with Advanced Imaging & Measurement Software Suite and 22" LCD Monitor; AIMS includes on-screen controls via wireless mouse for Image/Video Capture, Live vs. Frozen Image comparison, Calibrated Measurement, Labeling, Digital Noise Reduction, Export to Excel, and more; Now included FREE Exclusive PC suite software extension combines all features listed above, along with Extended Depth of Field Stacking, Image Stitching, and more (PC needed); ±6 Diopter Adjustable eyepieces to correct individual eyesight variations; Greater working distance, Magnification range, and Field of View than a traditional microscope; 45° Eyetube inclination; 16" Tall Ball Bearing Base; NO Light

Trade Name: ProZoom®
Color: Black
ESD Safe :Yes
Mounting Type: Ball Bearing Base
Voltage: 100-240