Anti-Static Circuit Chiller, 10 oz Aerosol Can, StatZAP™ Compatible

  • Manufacturer: MicroCare
  • Model # MCC-FRZA
  • Pemro # MIC-1006
  • $14.75 $ 13.03/each
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Anti-Static Circuit Chiller-StatZAP™ Compatible, 10 oz. Aerosol Can

The favorite ozone-safe freeze spray from MicroCare, this product features a conductive additive that minimizes static build-up and ice formation on the components. Widely used in circuit test and repair, techs use this product to find intermittent fault in circuit boards.

Chills to lower than -45°F/-43ºC in seconds; may go as low as -60°F/-51°C depending upon ambient conditions. Ultra-pure. Safe on plastics. It will not leave residues, attack soft plastics or generate the component-shattering thermal shock that can occur with HCFC-based chillers. The additive evaporates without leaving any residues in about sixty seconds.

• Used to find intermittent faults in circuit boards
• Does not leave residues
• Chills to lower than -45°F/-43ºC in seconds
• Nonflammable
• Ultra pure
• Safe on plastics