General Purpose Dust Remover 360° 8 oz. (Low GWP), Aerosol Can

  • Manufacturer: MicroCare
  • Category: Air Dusters
  • Model # MCC-DST08A
  • Pemro # MIC-1027
  • $27.76 $ 24.69/each
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General Purpose Dust Remover 360° (Low GWP) 8 oz. Aerosol Can

Features a new active ingredient that reduces the global warming impact of this product by 99.6% compared to older formulations. A REACH-compliant, ROHS-compliant, EU-labeled compliant duster. Widely used in circuit test and repair, it sprays a clear, dry, high-pressure blast to blow dust, lint and grit from keyboards, optics, machinery and circuitry.

• Nonflammable, ozone-safe precision duster
• Leaves no residue
• High-pressure compressed gas blows dust and grit from machinery
• Ultra Low GWP