Aqueous Stencil Cleaner 12 oz. Refillable Pump Spray

  • Manufacturer: MicroCare
  • Model # MCC-BGA
  • Pemro # MIC-1065
  • $16.15 $ 14.21/each
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Minimum order quantity is 10

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Aqueous Stencil Cleaner 12 oz. Refillable Pump Spray

The Aqueous Stencil Cleaner is a versatile, water-based cleaner that removes all types of raw solder pastes — including lead-free materials — plus many inks and epoxies. This product blends safe, nonflammable water-based ingredients with aggressive, proprietary long-chain alcohols. The result is a powerful cleaner which is ideal for stencils, frames, boards and the stencil printer itself, even down inside the tiny apetures on BGA stencils.

This powerful cleaner minimizes the risk of damage to stencils from scrubbing with weaker cleaners. The Stencil Cleaner is optimized for room temperature cleaning; it needs no heat to be effective. Because it works better than old-fashioned alcohol, stencil cleaning is fast and easy, so defects go down and through-put jumps. In short, this product enhances productivity, boost yields and lowers production costs. Not TriggerGrip™ compatible.

• Removes all types of solder pastes, uncured chip bonder and inks
• Safe for stencils, webbing, frames, and misprinted boards
• Fast and thorough cleaning, even inside stencil apertures
• Slow drying for longer cleaning time
• Refillable pump-spray bottle
• ESD-Safe • Nonflammable
• Non-foaming
• Low VOC content