IPA-Based Flux Remover- IsoClean™ 5 Gallon Cubitainer

  • Manufacturer: MicroCare
  • Model # MCC-BACP
  • Pemro # MIC-1049
  • $131.50 $ 120.95/each
  • Available to Order

IPA-Based Flux Remover- IsoClean™, 5 Gallon Cubitainer

An affordable, high-purity cleaner for fluxes, oils and grease. 100% pure reagent-grade alcohol (no water). An excellent choice for repair centers. Noncorrosive. ESD-safe. Slow-drying. No residues. Ozone-safe. Low GWP. Flammable.

• 100% pure, "anhydrous" reagent-grade isopropyl alcohol (IPA)
• Removes "no-clean" and traditional fluxes and pastes
• Also cleans light oils and grease, organic residues and ionics
• 100% volatile, no rinsing
• Plastic-safe on all electronics
• ESD safe