Volume Fume Extraction System with HEPA Filter

  • Manufacturer: Metcal
  • Model # VFX-1000-G
  • Pemro # MTC-3060
  • $3,303.00 $ 3,264.59/each
  • Available to Order

VFX-1000 with Deep Bed Gas Filter

Solder smoke is more than just an irritant. It can reduce worker productivity through a loss of concentration and fatigue. These and other health concerns may be a result of exposure to solder fumes during the production process. As an employer, you are responsible for properly managing the health risks associated with solder fumes, and take appropriate precautionary measures. Solder fume extraction is a simple way to manage the risks to employees and your organization.

The VFX–1000 Fume Extraction unit is Metcal's next-generation under-the-bench fume extraction unit. Its improved pre-filter provides higher efficiency, and its enhanced gas filter that is a 50/50 mix of Activated Aluminum Potassium Permanganate and Active Carbon allows for a wider range of fume extraction.

Features & Benefits
• Digital Speed Control
• Deep Pleat Pre-Filter
• Blower with high airflow and pressure
• 3 stage filtration
• Built-in silencing
• Long life filters with low replacement costs
• Remote speed control
• Remote Start/Stop Interface
• Filter change/System Fail Signal
• Universal Voltage