Cartridge, Hook, Long, 0.5mm (0.02")

  • Manufacturer: Metcal
  • Model # SMTC-1172
  • Pemro # MTC-1516
  • $58.40 $ 58.04/each
  • Available to Order

SMTC Rework Cartridge, Hook
Hook Long 30° 0.5mm x 15.24mm (.02"x.06")

Hook Cartridges for use with Metcal MX Series Soldering & Rework with MX-H1-AV and MX-RM3E Hand-pieces for conduction rework of surface mount components. These cartridges are ideal for multi-lead soldering and particularly suited to soldering of J-leaded components such as PLCCs and DRAMS. 700 Series for most standard applications.