System, MFR Desolder, External Air (Venturi Box)

The MFR-1100 Single Output Series is highly versatile in that it can be used with either a soldering tip, cartridge, tweezers or desoldering hand-piece. The MFR-1150 comes with one desoldering hand-piece and a venturi workstand.

Features & Benefits
• Venturi workstand
• Provides shop air option for all MFR series
• Compatible for use with all MFR systems
• Uses existing DxP desolder cartridges and replaceable coil assembly (MFR-HDCA)
• Small Bench Top foot print
• SmartHeat® Technology provides exceptional power for high thermal demand applications

Product Comprises of:
MFR-PS1100 : MFR Single Output Power Supply
MFR-H5-DS : Desoldering Hand-piece for the MFR Series
MFR-WSDSX : Desoldering Workstand with venturi compatible with MFR-H5- DS Hand-piece
MFR-FTKIT : Fittings and air hose kit
AC-TC : Desoldering Tip Cleaner

Note: No tip/cartridge included.

Tips / Cartridges Series compatible with this system:
• DxP Desoldering Cartridges