90 Watt Soldering Station

  • Manufacturer: Metcal
  • Model # GT90
  • Pemro # MTC-3673
  • $278.00 $ 276.32/each
  • Available to Order

90 Watt Soldering Station and Power Adapter

GT90 Soldering System is an adjustable temperature station that uses inductive technology as the heating mechanism.

The GT adjustable temperature technology has a fast and repeatable heating mechanism and encompasses the convenience of temperature adjustment with the stability and performance of inductive heating. This gives the GT systems a significant performance advantage with much faster time to temperature, thermal recovery and temperature stability during soldering versus competitors in the same product category.

GT90 is a single port soldering station with best in class performance, 90 watts of power, and ideal for single iron applications on the production line. The GT90 is supplied with a replaceable 90W external power supply allowing for a more compact design to save space on the bench and improve the quality and life of the system.

The GT90 is compatible with the following handpieces:
• HP-T4 shorter hand-piece with a 4mm slim shaft and a variety of soldering tips up to 4mm of geometries for lower thermal demand applications.
• HP-T6 longer hand-piece with a 6mm shaft and a variety of soldering tips up to 6mm of geometries for higher thermal demand applications.
• HP-C Hand piece with a variety of cartridges for the best performance. Metcal’s patented chip-in-cartridge technology is used in all cartridges for process control and treatability.

The system comes with a 2.5” monochrome LCD display and four push-down buttons for a fast and easy configuration. They also come with a single powered 5A USB port used for updating the firmware,data communications and powering small accessories.

System Features
• 90 W power station
• Adjustable temperature ranges from 200 to 450ºC (392 to 842ºF)
• Wide variety of cartridge and tip options
• Patented Chip-in-Cartridge technology
• Compact size due to external power source
• Universal power input
• Intuitive user interface
• Programmable temperature presets, standby and sleep settings
• Easy to read 2.5" display
• 5 V, 0.5 A USB port to power accessories
• Field upgradeable firmware using a USB memory stick

Technical Specifications
Soldering Temperature Range: 200 to 450ºC ( 392 to 842ºF)
Input Line Voltage: 100 - 240 VAC (120 VAC for U.S.) grounded circuit, universal input
Input Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Power Input: 90 W max
Dimensions (w x d x h): 11.0 x 12.5 x 16 centimeters (4.3 x 4.9 x 6.1 inches)
Weight of Station w/Power Adapter: 1.68 kg (3.70b)
Communications: 1 x USB A
Standby Timer: 10 - 480 seconds
Sleep Timer: 1 - 100 minutes
Free Range Tip Temperature Adjustment: Yes
Tip Temperature Presets: 3
Tip-to-Ground Potential / Resistance: < 2 mV / 2 ohms
Tip Temperature Accuracy: Meets or exceeds IPC-J-STD
Surface Resistivity: 105 – 109
Certifications: CE, TUV
Power Station Warranty: 1 Year