Omniflex Arm ESD with Large Hood 350 x 212mm (14" x 8.5")

  • Manufacturer: Metcal
  • Model # EA1126
  • Pemro # MTC-2160
  • $465.00 $ 455.88/each
  • Available to Order

The Omniflex Arms (Ø63mm) are designed for higher airflow rates and effective fume capture from greater distances. A unique ball/socket design provides an unmatched flexibility in manoeuvring and positioning. The arms can be adjusted in working length or radius, simply by adding or removing Omniflex components. ESD conformance is ensured through the use of fully conductive material.

Features & Benefits
• 140m3/h (85cfm) air flow rating (varies with nozzle)
• 63mm (2.5") diameter
• 0.6m (24") long with optional extensions of 300mm (12")