2235 OA WS Alcohol Flux 5 Gallon

  • Manufacturer: Kester
  • Model # 64-0000-2235 (6400002235)
  • Pemro # KES-1093
  • $ 352.50/per container
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Kester 2235 is a high activity 11% solids organic flux designed for automated soldering of circuit board assemblies where a more aggressive flux is required, but reliability considerations are paramount. 2235, a flux with comparably low solids in respect to other fluxes in the same category, will produce fewer skips on the bottom side surface mount pads. The residue after soldering is effectively removed in standard water cleaning systems. Although possessing high activity, boards exhibit high ionic cleanliness after water cleaning, exceeding the requirements of MIL-P-28809. No offensive odors or excessive smoke are emitted during soldering. The flux will not create excessive foaming in standard water cleaning systems. 2235 is classified as ORH1.

Performance Characteristics:
• Minimizes icicling and bridging
• Chemically compatible with most solder masks and board laminates
• Excellent choice for surface mount boards
• High ionic cleanliness and no surface insulation resistance degradation
• Classified as ORH1 under J-STD-004
• High activity

2235 can be applied to circuit boards by a spray, foam or dip process. An air knife after the flux tank is recommended to remove excess flux from the circuit board and prevent dripping on the preheater surface.