Sn63Pb37 Wire Solder, 1 pound Solid Wire, 0.031 Dia (in), 0.8 Dia (mm)

  • Manufacturer: Kester
  • Model # 14-6337-0031 (1463370031)
  • Pemro # KES-1217
  • $ 26.93/per pound
  • Available to Order

Minimum order quantity is 200

Must order in multiples of 25

For soldering applications that require maximum reliability of solder joints, especially for surface mounted components, through hole and final assembly, only solder of the highest purity is acceptable. Kester does not make any vague claims of understanding solder purity. Only the highest quality metals are used to make Kester Solder Wire. Complete analysis of Kester Solder Wire prove that every batch conforms to the strictest quality controls in the solder industry.