UltraClean Wipes - 9" x 9"

  • Manufacturer: JNJ Industries
  • Model # 810
  • Pemro # JNJ-1031
  • $297.99 $ 294.08/each
  • Available to Order

Manufactured from 100% continuous filament polyester fiber, JNJ’s UltraClean SmartWipes® ensure superior cleaning performance with extremely low particle generation and soluble extractables. This wipe is soft and will not scratch, and becomes softer when wet, while maintaining high tensile strength. Unaffected by solvents, UltraClean wipes have very low electrostatic discharge. UltraClean wipes are excellent for cleaning glass and ceramic substrates, CD discs, instrumentation, tools, and the bottom of screens. UltraClean Unlaundered is one of our most popular wipes and is widely used in screen printing applications where lint free cleaning is critical. Clean room grade: class 100.  9x9", 150 wipes per bag, five packs per case