3592 Flux - 55 Gallon Drum Rosin-free, very low solids

  • Manufacturer: Indium
  • Model # FLUXWV-84255-55G
  • Pemro # IND-1319
  • $ 2,307.00/each
  • Available to Order

3592 Wave Soldering Flux is a low-solids, rosin-/resin-free flux designed to leave a no-residue appearance. This flux contains very effective flux activators that provide excellent solderability and reduced defects on surface mount, through-hole, and mixed-technology assemblies.

3592 Wave Soldering Flux can be used with common board finishes, including HASL, Immersion Ag, ENIG, OSP, and other alternative coatings to provide excellent through-hole penetration resulting in better topside solder fillets.

• Rosin-/resin-free with ultra-low residue appearance
• Low residue won’t interfere with probe testing requirements
• Can be conformal coated without cleaning
• Meets IPC and Bellcore reliability specifications

Color: Clear
Specific Gravity @ 25ºC (77º)F: 0.820
Specific Gravity @ 15.5ºC (60º)F: 0.826
Acid Value: 22.0
Solids Content: 3.0
Flash Point (ºF TCC): 54
J-STD-004A Flux Type: ORL0