Sn995 Lead-Free Bar Solder Low-maintenance, low-cost (Sn99.5Cu0.5Co) alternative to SN100/K100 types.

  • Manufacturer: Indium
  • Category: Bar Solder
  • Model # BAROT-06759 (06759)
  • Pemro # IND-1025
  • $ 25.60/per pound
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Minimum order quantity is 25

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Sn995 Low-Maintenance, Low-Cost, Pb-Free Soldering Alloy is a cobalt-doped SnCu alloy that provides a low-cost alternative to traditional SAC305 and a low-maintenance alternative to popular low-Ag lead-free alloys like Sn100C. In addition to its low cost, it produces smoother, shinier joints and lower dross than SAC305 and other SnCu-based alloys.

• Low-maintenance—does not require frequent solder pot analysis or pot balancing alloys
• Low-cost—does not contain Ag
• Low-dross formation — lower than SAC and SnCu-based alloys
• Less copper erosion than SAC305
• Compatible with other SnCu-based alloys (ex. Sn100C) — can be added to existing SnCu-based alloys without any adverse reactions

Type and Application: Cobalt-doped, silver-free, Pb-Free wave solder alloy
Melting Temp: 227°C (441°F)
Specific Gravity: 7.31
Bar Cross-Section: Triangular

(Replaced codes XK100, XK100LD and X24-9574-0050)