63/37 Bar Solder Chips

  • Manufacturer: Indium
  • Category: Bar Solder
  • Model # BAROT-050112 (050112)
  • Pemro # IND-1307
  • $ 19.78/per pound
  • Available to Order

Minimum order quantity is 50

Must order in multiples of 25

Bar Solder Chips are small pieces of Indium Corporation’s electronic-grade bar solder, typically used to fill smaller solder pots or to quicken the melting of solder in a new solder pot. The greater surface area of the chips allows for better heat transfer between the solder pot and the metal and quickens the melting process.

Chips are made by cutting Indium Corporation’s electronic-grade bar solder into smaller pieces, resulting in chips with the same properties as the bar solder.

By extruding the bar from continually cast, closed-chamber billets, oxides that would normally form during a cast solder bar solidification process are greatly reduced, yielding lower dross and better joint formation.