NC-SMQ92H-Sn63-T3-NC-HF-700g Paste

  • Manufacturer: Indium
  • Model # 82698-700g
  • Pemro # IND-1079
  • $80.00/per cartridge

Minimum order quantity is 10

Indium Solder Paste P/N 82698 (Flux-NC-SMQ92H, Type 3, No-Clean Halogen-Free, Sn63Pb37, Metals 85%-92%). Price and package is in 700g Cartridges.

Benefits: • Compatibility with common conformal coatings • Clear, benign residue • Superior stencil life • Exceptional wetting in air reflow • Outstanding print characteristics • Halide-free Alloys Indium Corporation manufactures low-oxide spherical powder composed of Sn-Pb and Sn-Pb-Ag in the industry standard type 3 mesh size. Other, non-standard, mesh sizes are available upon request. The weight ratio of the flux/vehicle to the solder powder is referred to as the metal load and is typically in the range of 85-92% for standard alloy compositions.

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