Indium6.6HF, SAC305 600g cartridge Water Wash Halogen-Free, Type 5, Metal Load = 88.5%

Indium6.6HF is a versatile, water-soluble solder paste flux, formulated for air or nitrogen reflow. It is capable of SnPb and Pb-free assembly processes with an exceptional reflow process window. This solder paste provides exceptional stencil printing performance, with long stencil life and excellent response-to-pause.

Indium6.6HF exhibits superior wetting to a variety of surface finishes and exhibits the best voiding performance, with fewest voids, reduced size of largest voids, and overall minimized voiding for BGAs, CSPs, and BTCs (QFNs, DPAKs, LGAs, etc.).

• Low-voiding water-soluble flux for solder paste:
 – Reduced largest voids
 – Fewer voids
 – Minimized voiding overall
 – For BGA, CSP, and bottom termination components, such as QFNs and DPAKs
• Exceptional printing process window:
 – Excellent response-to-pause
 – Long stencil life
 – Prints consistently at a wide range of speeds
• Wide reflow process window
• Excellent wetting on a variety of surface finishes
• Maintains tack over time
• Outstanding cleanability