Indium3.2, SAC305 600g cartridge Water Wash, Type 4, Metal Load = 88.25%

  • Manufacturer: Indium
  • Model # 800517-600g
  • Pemro # IND-1306
  • $ 125.56/each
  • Available to Order

Minimum order quantity is 5

Indium3.2 is an air or nitrogen reflow, water-soluble solder paste specifically formulated to accommodate the higher processing temperatures required by the SnAgCu, SnAg, SnSb, and other Pb-free alloy systems. This product formulation offers consistent, repeatable printing performance combined with a long stencil life and sufficient tack strength to handle the challenges of today’s high-speed as well as high-mix surface mount lines. In addition to consistent printing and reflow requirements, this solder paste offers superb wetting to the various Pb-free metallizations and has exceptional low-voiding performance on fine-pitch components, including BGAs and CSPs.

• Consistent fine-pitch printing performance with high transfer efficiency from stencil apertures
• Superior fine-pitch soldering ability
• Wide reflow profile window
• Excellent response-to-pause printing performance
• Outstanding slump resistance
• Low-voiding
• Minimal foaming during the cleaning process
• Excellent wetting