Indium6.3, Sn63/Pb37 700g cartridge Water Wash Halogen-Free, Type 3, Metal Load = 89.5%

  • Manufacturer: Indium
  • Model # 800463-700g
  • Pemro # IND-1002
  • $ 105.97/each
  • In stock

Indium Corporation manufactures low-oxide spherical powder composed of eutectic Sn/Pb and Sn/Pb/Ag in the industry standard Type 3 mesh size (J-STD-006). Other non-standard mesh sizes are available upon request. The weight ratio of the flux/vehicle to the solder powder is referred to as the metal load and is typically in the range of 80–92% for standard alloy compositions.

• Excellent wetting and solder joint appearance
• Exceptional printing and response-to-pause
• Wide reflow profile window
• Outstanding slump resistance
• Low-voiding
• Halogen-free