i-CON VARIO 4 MK2 (4005AICXV Kit)

The i-CON VARIO 4 MK2 multichannel soldering and desoldering station meets the highest requirements in professional soldering and desoldering in every field of professional electronic manufacturing- including ESD protected zones. The high-end version of the i-CON family is based on the i-CON VARIO 2 MK2 and is the only soldering station in the world to provide the user with four soldering tools at the same time for demanding soldering tasks.

All functions, including the generation of air and vacuum, are bundled in the supply unit of the i-CON VARIO 4 which is also equipped with the easy to operate i-OP facility and its clearly arranged displays. In addition, the station has interfaces for solder fume extraction units or infrared heating plates as well as a USB port. Via a micro-SD memory card the stations can be quickly and safely configured.

Kit includes:
• i-CON VARIO 4 MK2 base station
• i-TOOL MK2 soldering iron (w/ holder, tip, sponge)
• X-TOOL VARIO desoldering tool (w/ holder stand, tip, sponge)
• i-TOOL AIR S hot air iron (w/ holder stand, tip, sponge)
• CHIP TOOL VARIO desolder tweezers (w/ holder stand, tip, sponge)

Additional options:
• i-TOOL HP high performance soldering iron- plug in attachable
• EASY ARM 1 and EASY ARM 2 fume extraction systems- interface compatible
• IR heating plate- interface compatible

Compatible tips and nozzles:
• Series 142 ERSADUR soldering tips for the i-TOOL MK2 hand piece
• Series 742 ERSADUR desoldering nozzles for the X-TOOL VARIO hand piece
• Series 472 ERSADUR hot air soldering tips for the i-TOOL AIR S hand piece
• Series 462 ERSADUR desoldering tips for the CHIP TOOL VARIO hand piece
• Series 242 ERSADUR soldering tips for the i-TOOL HP hand piece