i-CON 2V MK2 (Multi-piece kit)

The double channel soldering and desoldering station i-CON2 V MK2 is a consistent further development of the well-known i-CON 2 MK2 based on the future-oriented Ersa Vario platform. In addition to the present soldering and desoldering tool, the station can also drive the SMD desoldering tweezers CHIP TOOL Vario and the PTH desoldering iron X-TOOL Vario. The station utilizes an intelligent power management to shift dynamically its power between the attached tools. The i-CON2 V MK2 convinces by its intuitive One-Toch operation and the large multifunctional display. The station meets the ESD requirements. This Version comes fully equipped with a power supply station (0IC2235), soldering iron i-TOOL MK2 (0105CDJ) with soldering tip 0142CDLF16 and an antistatic holder (0A52) as well as desoldering tweezers CHIP TOOL VARIO (0460MDJ) with desoldering tips 0462MDLF007 and antistatic holder (0A54).

The new Tip´n´Turn feature allows for quicker and safer tip exchange by utilizing a new bayonet fixture. In addition to improved ergonomics, the 142 tips offers improved heat transfer, providing high performance at a low cost.