Soldering Tip ERSADUR, 5.0 mm

  • Manufacturer: Ersa
  • Category: Solder Tips
  • Model # 0142CDLF50/SB
  • Pemro # ERS-2089
  • $13.53 $ 13.32/each
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Ersa soldering tips with patented ERSADUR coating - designed for demanding industrial applications for long-term use.
The protection against corrosion and oxidation ensures a long service life of the tip.
Tip'n'Turn is the patented concept for combining soldering tip and heating element. The bayonet lock allows the soldering tip to be changed quickly even when hot, either with the aid of the 0A58 holder or by hand.
Ersa offers a variety of different shapes and sizes of soldering tips for different soldering applications.
The barcode on each soldering tip allows quick and easy integration of the soldering tip into new or existing soldering programs in the Ersa TRACE Cockpit.
This soldering tip fits the following soldering iron: i-TOOL TRACE