• Manufacturer: DDM Novastar
  • Model # GW-BD-HT
  • Pemro # APS-1005
  • $ 5,500.00/each
  • Available to Order

GW-BD-HT High Temperature Dip Solder Machine

High temperature, lead-free "Big Dipper" semi-automatic soldering system made easy with microprocessor control for consistent, high quality soldering.

  • Articulated dipping movement prevents trapping of air bubbles
  • Three (3) stage timed process includes flux cycle, preheat cycle and solder cycle
  • Microprocessor control with LCD display
  • Twelve (12) menu storage
  • Flux station with flux drain
  • Stainless steel solder pot
  • Pallet with adjustable titanium fingers hold PCBs
  • High temperature (350ºC), lead-free model


Solder Type:                    High temperature, lead-free

Max Solder Temp.:          662ºF (350ºC)

Solder Capacity:              Approximately 50 lbs (23 kg)

Blow-thru Air Nozzle:       N/A

Compressed Air Req'd:    N/A

Overall Dimensions:        31" x 25.25" x 24.5" (787 x 641 x 622 mm)

Board Size:                      Eight (8) 

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