Cyberpoxy 5000 Epoxy, 25mL Cartridge

  • Manufacturer: Cyberbond
  • Model # 5000-25ML (FG CP-1579)
  • Pemro # CYB-1204
  • $ 7.36/each

Minimum order quantity is 10

Cyberpoxy 5000 - 25mL Cartridge

Cyberpoxy 5000 is a fast curing epoxy adhesive that develops handling strength in about 3 to 5 minutes and will cure rapidly in thin films at low temperatures. It is an excellent industrial adhesive characterized by a non-critical mixing ratio. Cyberpoxy 5000 will readily bond most plastics, metals, ceramics, paper, wood and some rubbers. It is ideally suited to applications in electronics, and general product assembly.

• Appearance: Clear
• 2 Part
• 1 to 1 mixing ratio
• Gel Time = 3 minutes in 100gm preparation
• General purpose adhesive that bonds most plastics, metals, woods, ceramics, paper, and some rubbers.