Fiber-Wash™ Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen

Minimum order quantity is 12

Must order in multiples of 12

Fiber-Wash™ Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen, 5g/.2 oz. pen.
The convenient pen dispenser with the extra-strength, non-flammable, transportable cleaning solvent.

Product Features:
• Non-flammable and non-hazardous formulation provides safe travel convenience and transportability
• Effectively and efficiently removes handling soils, dust, oils, greases and contamination found in the fiber optic environment; especially the FTTx environment
• Specifically designed to clean with SqR™, QbE® and p-QbE® Cleaning Systems using the Combination Cleaning process (CCp™)
• Pinpoint controlled dispensing of cleaning solution
• Patented – U.S. Patent Number 7,390,368

Typical Applications
The Fiber-Wash™ Fiber Optic Cleaning Pen can be used for all fiber optic connector repair and maintenance applications, including:
• Cleaning fiber optic end faces
• Cleaning cables, hard-line coax cables, splices
• Removes many ink stains, label adhesives and difficult to remove soils