Electro-Wash® VZ Cleaner/Degreaser 1 gallon

Electro-Wash® VZ, 1 gal / 3.7 L liquid
The economical, non-ozone depleting, nonflammable universal cleaner degreaser.

VERIZANE™ Cleaning Chemistry (VZ)
Chemtronics’ most economical line of ozone safe cleaning solutions. Engineered to replace HCFC-141b, these low odor, no flash, nonflammable aerosols offer the most cleaning value for your money.

So ditch the dirt — without blowing your budget!

Product Features:
• Nonflammable
• Regular cleaning strength
• Ozone safe
• One cleaner for all soil types
• Low odor
• Evaporates quickly without leaving residue
• Penetrates to clean hard to reach areas

Test on plastics.

• Cleaning printed circuit boards and control systems
• Maintaining Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
• Removing oils from pneumatic and hydraulic assemblies

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