Max-Kleen Citrus HF Degreaser, 5 gallon

Max-Kleen Citrus HF, 5 gallon

Max-Kleen™ Citrus HF Degreaser is ideal for removal of all types of soils including oxidized grease, sludge, wax, tar and oil. The moderate evaporation rate increases the cleaning power for hard-to-remove soils. The low surface tension provides for superior wetting to clean in even the tightest spots. Max-Kleen™ Citrus HF Degreaser has a flash point greater than 140º F which may be advantageous when planning for disposal of used rags.

Features & Benefits
• Citrus-based formula with moderate evaporation rate
• Quickly removes all types of tough soils including oxidized oil and grease
• Safe for use on most metals and plastics
• Flashpoint greater than 140º F
• Non-corrosive and nonconductive
• Low Toxicity
• Leaves no residue

• Removes grease, oil and lubricants
• Ideal for metal parts cleaning and tools
• All repair and maintenance cleaning
• Cleans contacts, relays, switches, circuit breakers and test probes
• Cleans electric motors and gasoline engines
• Removes tough soils from gears and pulleys
• Use for maintenance of air compressors
• Cleans inks