Duster - 10 oz. Aerosol Can

  • Manufacturer: Chemtronics
  • Category: Air Dusters
  • Model # ES1015
  • Pemro # CHM-1055
  • $18.01 $ 17.70/each
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Ultrajet® 70 duster - 10 oz aerosol can
The powerful, economical duster with a BIGGER blast than competitive dusters

Ultrajet® 70 is an economical general-purpose duster with a BIGGER blast for electronic applications. Its exceptional purity jet instantly cleans surfaces free of particulate contamination. Ultrajet® 70 is engineered to remove dirt, dust, oxide particles and other airborne particles instantly, and can be used to facilitate the accelerated drying of solvent cleaners.

Product Features:
• Safe on plastics
• Nonflammable
• Xtra cleaning strength
• Ozone safe
• Filtered to 0.2 microns
• 100% ultra-pure HFC-134a -- leaves no residue
• Bigger Blast than competitive dusters

• Cleaning particles from contacts and relays
• Removing debris from precision optics