Electro-Wash Delta Cleaner Degreaser 1 gallon

  • Manufacturer: Chemtronics
  • Category: Degreasers
  • Model # DEL101
  • Pemro # CHM-1474
  • $344.44 $ 293.61/each
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Electro-Wash Delta, 1 gallon

Electro-Wash® Delta Cleaner Degreaser is an extra strength, nonflammable electronics cleaner and degreaser. This high pressure aerosol cleaning agent quickly removes all contaminants – evaporating quickly without leaving residue.

Features & Benefits
• Powerful cleaning agent
• Best AK225 replacement chemistry
• Nonflammable and fast drying
• Noncorrosive, safe for metals
• Penetrates to clean hard to reach areas
• Contains no ozone depleting compounds, low VOC's
• May be used on energized equipment

Test on plastics

• Removes oil, grease, dirt, silicone, flux, adhesive and other contaminants
• Removes encrusted oxides, dirt, grease and other contaminants
• Removes oil from live wire assemblies
• Cleans carbon and oxides from live switches and relays